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The Euro Crisis Monitor is maintained by the Institute of Empirical Economic Research of Osnabrück University

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"Is there an implicit subsidy for G-SIB banks in the EU? A comment on the Structural Reform Study by PwC" by Frank Westermann, April 2015.


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This web-page is an initiative of the Institute of Empirical Economic Research, Osnabrück University. We collect selected data on the Euro Crisis, research articles, and commentaries. We also provide a list of links to official documents and institutional arrangements in Europe. The data are updated at least monthly. More frequent updates are available upon request.

Together, these items provide a conceptual framework to think about policy questions in Europe. The web-page is intended to support researchers, journalists and practitioners in understanding the balance of payments crisis in Europe.

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Last update: May 19, 2015
Download Data: Excel-File
Sources: Individual euro area NCB's, International Financial Statistics (IFS). For details
see data appendix in Steinkamp & Westermann (2014). Also available upon request.